Beans and Lentils

Organic Butter beans 46p/100g

Organic Cannellini beans 46p/100g

Organic Chickpeas 33p/100g

Yellow split peas 

Green split peas 

Organic Red lentils 40p/100g

Organic Speckled lentils (puy) 85p/100g

Nuts and savoury snacks

Whole almonds £1.50/100g

Blanched almonds £2.50/100g

Flaked almonds £1.75/100g

Ground almonds £1.60/100g

Broken Brazils £1/100g

Cashew pieces £1/100g

Organic Goan Cashews £1.90/100g

Whole hazelnuts £1.80/100g

Roasted hazelnuts £1.90/100g

Mixed chopped nuts £1.30/100g

Dry roasted peanuts 75p/100g

Organic Red skin peanuts £70p/100g

Salted peanuts 60p/100g 

Pecan halves £2.50/100g

Organic Pine nuts £6/100g 

Organic Walnuts £1.90 

Bombay mix 50p/100g


Organic Branflakes 85p/100g

Organic Granola 85p/100g

Organic Gluten free Millet flakes 55p/100g

Organic Muesli base 30p/100g

Organic Rye flakes

Organic Jumbo porridge oats 25p/100g

Organic Porridge oats 25p/100g


Black onion seed 20p/10g

Organic Blue poppy seeds 25p/10g

Organic Brown linseed 45p/100g

Brown mustard seed 20p/10g

Caraway seed 20p/10g

Organic Chia seeds 95p/100g

Coriander seeds 20p/10g

Cumin seeds 20p/10g 

Fennel seed 20p/10g

Fenugreek seed 20p/10g

AA Grade Pumpkin seeds £1/100g

Organic Sesame seeds 65p/100g 

Organic Sunflower seeds 45p/100g

Yellow mustard seed 20p/10g



Basil 25p/10g

Bay leaves 50p/10g

Coriander 25p/10g

Marjoram 25p/10g

Mint 25p/10g

Oregano 25p/10g

Parsley 25p/10g 

Rosemary 25p/10g

Sage 25p/10g

Tarragon 40p/10g

Thyme 25p/10g


Allspice 15p/10g

Black peppercorns 25p/10g

Cajun seasoning 15p/10g

Cardamom pods 40p/10g

Cayenne pepper 15p/10g

Chinese five spice 15p/10g
Organic Chilli flakes 40p/10g

Chilli 15p/10g

Organic Cinnamon (ceylon) 35p/10g

Cinnamon quills 65p/10g 

Cloves 40p/10g

Coriander 15p/10g

Cumin 15p/10g

Curry - Medium 15p/10g

Curry - Mild 15p/10g

Curry - Hot 15p/10g 

Fajita seasoning 15p/10g

Garam masala 15p/10g 

Garlic powder 19p/10g 

Ginger 15p/10g

Jerk seasoning 15p/10g

Mixed spice  15p/10g 

Mustard seed ground 19p/10g

Nutmeg 40p/10g

Whole nutmeg 60p/10g

Onion powder 19p/10g

Pickling spice 20p/10g

Smoked paprika 35p/10g

Standard paprika 35p/10g

Star anise 25p/10g

Turmeric 15p/10g

Mulled spice 

Nutritional yeast flakes + B12 £2.60/100g

Marigold vegan stock powder £1.30/100g

Doves Organic

Plain £1.80/1Kg

Self raising £1.80/1Kg

Strong white £1.80/1Kg

Spelt £2.20/1Kg

Pasta £1.90/1Kg

Strong wholemeal £1.80/1Kg

Einkorn £3.20/1Kg 

Malthouse £2/1Kg

Doves Free from - Gluten free

Plain £2.80/1Kg 

Self raising £2.80/1Kg 

Gram £2.80/1Kg 

White bread £2.80/1Kg

Brown bread £2.80/1Kg

Buckwheat £3.50/1Kg


Coconut flour £3/1Kg

Rye £3.30/1Kg

Oils, vinegars and syrups

Maple syrup £2/100g

Agave syru

Apple cider vinegar (coming soon)

White wine vinegar 30p/100g

Malt vinegar 25p/100g

Local rapeseed oil 60p/100g

Organic olive oil (coming soon)

Salts and powders


Gluten free Baking powder £1/100g

Bicarbonate of soda £1/100g

Organic cocoa powder £1.20/100g

Golden caster sugar 30p/100g

Golden icing sugar 45p/100g Sold per 500g

Light muscovado sugar 45p/100g

Granulated sugar 10p/100g

Desiccated coconut 65p/100g

Yeast £1/100g

Vegetarian suet £1/100g

Tea and Coffee

Iford Manor Tea

House Blend - Black tea 50p/10g

Earl grey with rose 62p/10g

China sencha green tea 80p/10g

Rooibos red bush 50p/10g

Massala chai 90p/10g

Summer fields - peppermint tea £1.45/10g

Dusty Ape Coffee £3.50/100g

Swiss water process Decaffeinated £4.25/100g


Lemon verbena leaf 80p/10g

Chamomile flowers 45p/10g

Himalayan pink sea salt £1/100g

Natural sea salt 50p/100g

Epsom salt 50p/100g

Dead Sea salt £1/90/100g

Fullers earth clay £1.90/100g

Citric acid £1.90/100g

Arrowroot powder OUT OF STOCK

Henna powder £3.50/100g

Chamomile flowers £4.50/100g

Cleaning re-fills


All purpose cleaner £2.80/Kg

Bio laundry liquid £3/Kg 

Cream cleaner £3/Kg

Delicate laundry wash £3/Kg

Fabric conditioner £2/Kg 

Non bio laundry liquid £2.50/Kg

Hard water rinse aid £2/Kg

Toilet cleaner £2.50/Kg

Washing up liquid £2/Kg

White vinegar £1.60/Kg

Window & glass cleaner £1.80/Kg

Dishwasher powder 40p/100g

Bicarbonate of soda 25p/100g

Castille soap £1.20/100g

Eco friendly home 


If you care

Aluminium foil

Baking parchment

Baking cup cases

Coffee filters

Paper snack bags


Beebee wraps - wax wraps

Dish brushes

Dish brush - head replacements

Vegetable brush

Bottle brush

Pot brush

Toilet brush

Toilet brush set

Compostable dish cloths


Coconut fibre scrub

Washing up loofahs

Vegetable scrub loofahs

Washing up soap bar

Soap dishes

Soap travel tins

Bamboo travel toothbrush holders

Metal straws

Bamboo straws

Straw cleaner brush

Metal tea strainers

Cloth tea bags

Hairy ballz - micro fibre filters

Coconut bowls

Natural glue

Compostable paper tape (3 sizes)

Recycled toilet rolls 4pk

Single bamboo toilet rolls

Recycled twine

Natural twine

Recycled brown wrapping paper

Organic cotton produce bags

Organic cotton tote bag

Bread swag bag

Vegetable swag bag

Lunch swag bag

Vegan leather style lunch bags

Stainless steel lunch boxes

Stainless steel drink bottles

Insulated drinks bottles

Insulated travel cups

Glass travel cups

Newspaper and seed pencils

Childrens environmental books

Body care re-fills


Hands, body & bath un-fragranced 90p/100g

Rose hand soap £4.40/Kg

Fig hand soap £4.40/Kg

Hand & body lotion unfragranced £1.65/100g

Hand rub sanitiser £1.40/100g

Cole & co £1.20/100g

Shampoo - Lavender, rosemary & spearmint

Conditioner - Lavender, rosemary & spearmint

Body wash - Lan Y mor

Body wash - Pomegranate

Body wash - Lime, basil & mandarin

ALter/native 90p/100g

Shampoo - Coconut & argan oil

Conditioner - Coconut & argan oil

Body wash - Tea Tree

Body wash - Coconut & argan oil 

(scents may vary as to what we have in stock)

Eco friendly personal care

Bamboo toothbrushes adult & child

Bamboo interdental bamboo sticks

Toothpaste tabs - with flouride

Compostable dental floss

Oil pulling mouth wash

Natural toothpaste

Natural chewing gum

Bamboo comb

Nail brushes

Small hair brush

Cotton buds

Natural deororant

Organic cotton face wipes

Organic cotton rounds

Hemp rounds

Hemp face wipes

Bamboo face wipes

Face loofahs

Body loofahs

Sisal back scrub

Sisal circular body scrub

Bamboo safety razors

Safety razor blades

Bamboo plasters

Natural sunscreen

Doterra essential oils

Reusable sanitary pads

Menstrual cups

Reusable face coverings


Dog biscuits £2.50/100g

Duck & swan food 50p/100g

Gift vouchers


Organic White spaghetti 36p/100g

Organic Wholewheat spaghetti 36p/100g

Organic White Pennette 36p/100g

Organic Wholewheat pennette 26p/100g

Organic Lasagne sheets 65p/100g

Organic Spelt fusilli 65p/100g

Organic White spelt conchiglie

Gluten free Pasta tubes 70p/100g

Gluten free Pasta shells 70p/100g

Gluten free Spaghetti OUT OF STOCK

Gluten free Vermicelli noodles £1.25/100g

Gluten free Rice lasagne sheets £1.10/100g

Rice and Grains

Organic Arborio rice 75p/100g

White basmati rice 35p/100g

Brown basmati rice 36p/100g

Organic Jasmine rice 40p/100g

Short white rice (pudding rice) 75p/100g

Organic Wild rice 65p/100g

Organic Bulgar wheat 40p/100g

Organic Couscous 48p/100g

Organic Fregola (giant couscous) 56p/100g

Pearled barley 25p/100g

Popping corn 35p/100g


British Quinoa 70p/100g

Dried fruit

Apple rings £1.98/100g 

Apricots 70p/100g 

Organic Natural apricots £1.20/100g

Banana chips 60p/100g

Blueberries £2.40/100g

Coconut flakes £1/100g

Sour cherries £2.20/100g

Glacé cherries 90p/100g

Cranberries £1.22/100g 

Currants 72p/100g

Chopped dates 50p/100g

Deglet nour dates 80p/100g

Crystalised ginger 85p/100g

Lerida figs 86p/100g

Chopped figs 75p/100g

Organic Goji berries £3/100g 

Juniper berries £2/100g

Organic Mixed vine fruit 90p/100g

Organic Mango slices £2.50/100g

Organic Sultanas 45p/100g

Organic Sun-dried tomatoes 

Organic Raisins 55p/100g

Pitted prunes 70p/100g

Chocolate treats

Montezumas organic chocolate buttons

Milk £2.52/100g 

Dark £2.52/100g

White £2.52/100g 

Pick 'n' mix

Milk chocolate honeycomb £1/100g

Dark chocolate honeycomb £1/100g

Dark chocolate ginger £1/100g

Milk chocolate peanuts £1/100g

Belgium chocolate raisins £1/100g

Dark chocolate coffee beans £1/100g

Yogurt raisins £1/100g

Tony's Chocolonely £3.99/180g bar

Milk chocolate 

Milk caramel sea salt £1.50/47g bar

White raspberry popping candy

Milk chocolate almond honey nougat

Dark almond sea salt (vegan)

Milk hazelnut 

Extra dark (vegan)

Dark milk pretzel toffee

Soap, shampoo & conditioner bars

Alter/native Shampoo bars £3.50

Rose & Geranium

Lavender & Geranium

Coconut & argan oil

Patchouli & Sandalwood

Alter/native conditioner bars £5.50

Rose & Geranium

Lavender & Geranium

Coconut & argan oil

Patchouli & sandalwood

Friendly Shampoo bars £3.60

Lavender & tea tree 

Peppermint & Eucalyptus

Alter/native glycerin soap bars (unboxed) £3

Coconut & argan

Pink grapefruit 

Lavender & geranium

Hemp & jasmine musk

Tea tree & aloe vera

Coffee & cedar wood

Patchouli & sandalwood

Lavender - round £2

Grapefruit - round £2

Friendly soap bars £2.25

Aloe vera - fragrance free

Cinnamon & cedar wood

Lemongrass & hemp

Orange & grapefruit

Peppermint & poppy seeds

Rose & geranium

Tea tree & turmeric

Specialised Friendly bars

Cocoa butter - natural cleansing bar £2.25

Rosemary & lime - detox bar £2.60

Orange & lavender - shaving bar £2.60

Shea butter - natural cleansing bar £2.25

Lemongrass, lavender, tea tree &

peppermint  - all in one travel bar £2.75

Specialised Alter/native bars

Tea tree & lemongrass - detox bar £3.50

Shaving bar - with a hint of black pepper £3

Facial cleansing bar - cocoa butter £3.60

Wyld rose holistic soap bars, made in 

Bradford on Avon £5.50

Indian turmeric & lemongrass

Melissa & rose geranium

Cinnamon leaf & sweet orange

Lavender, jaggery & oat

Sandalwood & turmeric

Poppyseed, peppermint & clay

Sweet orange & cacao

Neroli & red mandarin

Bamboo charcoal lime cedar

Lavender & patchouli

Wyld rose holistic dog soap bars £5.75

Rosemary & sea kelp

Honey, lavender & oat

Cedar wood & Mexican lime

peppermint & green clay

Ylang yang & sweet orange 

Gentlemans shaving kit £14.99 gift set

Mini soaps £17.99 gift set

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Specialist product ordering

Please note - some products might not be marked as organic although they possibly are. We can supply all the information, including allergens for each food product.

If we don't have it in stock, we will do our best to get it for you!