Our Philosophy


"I like many other people care about our environment and the planet we live on. I dream that in the near future more shops and towns will follow suit so we can all contribute to drastically reducing the amount of plastic we have piling up on this planet."


Jeni - FOUNDER of the little eco shop

After reading some deeply distressing facts about the impact plastic pollution was having on our land and oceans, It occurred to me that all shops should stop selling produce in packaging. Instead they could sell in bulk so that people can fill up their own containers to take home.

Companies obviously rely a lot on packaging to promote and sell their products, as well as, there being products which are very difficult to sell without their packaging. I soon realised my eco-friendly vision was unlikely to be adopted by all shops and supermarkets.


Instead of just wishing the problem would go away, I decided I would do my bit and try and cut out single use plastic from my own shopping habits.


With a family to feed and clean, this also seemed like an impossible task. I was able to stop buying pre-packaged fruit and veg, buy milk in glass bottles and start using re-usable products instead of disposable products, but still most of the essentials we use/eat daily were not accessible to me locally or conveniently.

I then did extensive research to see what solutions existed for the enviromentally-concious shoppers. To my astonishment I found only a handful of shops dotted around the UK. Set up by people who had the same idea! This is when I thought “If they can do it, so can I!”.

Now I have done it, here in my home town of Devizes! I'm delighted to be opening The Little Eco Shop here and look forward to showing people how easy it is change the world.

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It really is a great feeling to make choices we know are helping to protect our children.

Why pay for any more than you actually need??? Eco-shopping can really save you money.

The Little Eco Shop supports sustainability and responsibility.

We Have One Planet.
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