Frequently asked questions

What is the problem with food packaging?

Most of food packaging is made of plastic, a highly-engineered material designed to last for centuries, which is, in 95% of the cases, tossed in the bin just after its first use. Plastics can be very complex and contain a lot of different layers, which makes their recyclability very limited, opposed to the widely recycled cardboard, glass and metal. Their effects in human health are also worrying. As plastics find their way into oceans, they enter our food chain and create a massive pollution. Even plant-based bioplastics need specific temperatures and environment to successfully break down in nature.

It is impossible to live without creating any environmental impact...

Yes that's true. But as fellows from Silo say, "waste is a lack of imagination". Until the day the packaging industry can offer a truly sustainable solution, the best way of tackling the packaging waste is avoiding it as the devil - and whatever you cannot avoid, reduce, reuse or recycle. For every disposable item, there is a reusable option.

How can you avoid waste in your supply chain?

When you shorten the distances the food is grown/produced to your table, you get less packaging as result. Our mission is to support local and community businesses and create human relationships with our suppliers. We apply the principles of avoiding-reducing-reusing-recycling to our business model, which means that we end up with very little rubbish to deal with. The most important thing for us is being able to provide a waste-free alternative way of shopping to our customers.

Can you purchase containers from The Little Eco Shop?

Yes, you absolutely can! We offer a variety of container options for you take away your goods in.

How are your prices compared to a supermarket?

Independent businesses are usually more expensive than the larger supermarkets. This comes down to the fact that smaller businesses do not have the buying power of the larger chains. More simply, the smaller businesses are often offering better quality products.
Due to the fact that, here at The Little Eco Shop, we buy our food produce in bulk sacks we are still able to keep our prices affordable for the customer. We offer a range of organic and non-organic dried foods and liquids in order to keep our prices comparable to supermarkets. We have been pleasantly surprised to find some of our products such as herbs and spices are actually lower in price. We continue to compare and make our products as affordable as possible. Our set up enables the customer to purchase only the amount needed, even if it means buying only a teaspoon of sugar! This means you can shop on a smaller budget and be sure nothing goes to waste!